What They Are Saying About Us


"Right when we walked in, the atmosphere and the music was just right. The wine was perfect, the appetizer was amazing. We also got salads to start which were both completely different, but just as delicious. The entrees were fantastic; not too salty and not too bland. Ulises was a huge addition to dinner because he was always attentive and making sure we had what we needed. Will definitely be coming here next week!!!"

- Sayla Sawyer


"Ever had Italian food that tastes like it was heated in a bag or you just know a microwave played a critical part of the prep? Like Olive Garden?
You will NEVER have that here! THIS is how Italian food should taste. It you can't finish the generous portions, you will want to take the rest with you because you Know that you will be finishing it later.
Want to impress someone who is an Italian foodie? Here. Take them here."

- March Hare


"Undici is a great neighborhood restaurant. I think this is the best Italian food in Denver. The pasta sauce that they make is homemade and delicious. You can dine in or take out. The staff is extremely friendly!"

- Karolina Zolnierczyk